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Site is new & a work in progress. Want to help?

This is Contributing, a community resource dedicated to keeping up-to-date information on how to contribute to open source projects.

It gives projects a stable URL which they can put in their documentation (and/or CONTRIBUTING files) providing an abstraction layer, making sure even old downloads of projects still contain a pointer to recent information on how to contribute.

Also, this site [will] allow for project take-overs, if the original maintainer(s) disappear and don't keep their information fresh.

Example project pages:

Also note: this site is explicitly not a social network, a collaboration site, nor a version control system. It is simply a wiki of pointers to recent information. It's hosted on App Engine and without a domain name so it doesn't require any money to keep running and minimizes risks of it shutting down due to lack of funds or forgotten domain name renewals.

Feel free to create a project page or browse existing projects.